Throughout the entire process and on the wedding day they took care of every detail and were so calm. One of the best investments of my wedding was having these ladies.

— Carly

Every need I had was met and every questions I had was answered. Every crisis that came up, before and the day of, I did not have to handle because I was handled for me. I was left to enjoy my wedding day to the fullest!

— Shadra

Going without an event planner is not worth the stress. There are so many things people do not think about and those small details really make the day special. Thank you ladies!

— Tabitha

Worth the money, very professional, timely, and very creative! We were in great hands. 

— Chrain

Everything went smooth sailing and I know that would not have been possible without Carlyn and her team.

— Nicole

After each meeting, my fiancé and I felt so much relief. They were with us the entire day and I cannot tell you how nice it was to have someone take control of everything and be the contact person during the day of. They were on time and on schedule during our entire wedding.

— Tara

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